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"I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations, I am the soul that lives within."
India Arie

As with Alyscia's first book Feminine Transitions, I Am More Than My Hair is a social-change photography project paying tribute to the girls and women who've lost their hair involuntarily, related to medical conditions and autoimmune disorders. It also includes portraits of females who bravely cut their hair in support of a loved one.

I Am More Than My Hair is an awareness project that focuses on the beauty of being bald. Read One Wig Stand article about Cunningham and her project.


Support Cunningham's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for her upcoming documentary film and coffee table book, I Am More Than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me. We ask for your support in helping to raise $25,000 for the production cost of Cunningham's project.

This project is fiscally sponsored by Docs In Progress, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you're interested in a tax-deductible donation, visit Docs In Progress.

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On October 24, 2013, I cut and donated my then fifteen years of locs, for a Big Chop to Stop Cancer event. To be honest, I've wanted to cut my hair for a few years prior to this day. Despite the constant headaches and head colds after going swimming (the thickness of my hair makes the drying time lengthy) I continued to hold onto to it. I had to remind myself… I AM NOT MY HAIR.

Before doing the Big Chop, I blogged about my forthcoming endeavor. Some of the feedback I received wasn't very encouraging. After all, people always knew me with long hair and thought the "look"might not be a good fit. I'll be honest and say I did question myself, going back and forth in the mirror, covering the front of my hair to visualize what I would look like.

For the first time, I experienced some serious fear and doubt about myself. Whispering quietly within, "I wonder how I'll look without my hair? " Very similar to the feelings of the women in Feminine Transitions, who had a difficult time being photographed without make-up. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is not as easy as I thought.

Although it's a different situation, the idea is similar and I connected with the emotions these women experienced. Regardless, I decided that no one else, including myself, was going to change my mind and I happily shaved anyway.

Strangely enough (it must be Divine order) I kept bumping into women who lost their hair and couldn't imagine the feelings that come with involuntarily loosing hair and the assumptions that people make before getting to you.

Then the idea for I Am More Than My Hair was born.

Given my experience, I am also including women who cut their hair in support of or tribute to a loved one.


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I Am More Than My Hair tentive book cover