Alyscia Cunningham

Personally, Alyscia Cunningham is a granddaughter, daughter, wife, mother of 3, sister, aunty, friend, artist, advocate, writer, Pisces, dreamer, truth seeker, positive thinker, adventurer, traveler, hiker, teacher, student…and her journey continues.

Professionally, Alyscia is an award-winning author, filmmaker, tactile artist, and photographer who has contributed to the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and AOL. Alyscia is an advocate for making art accessible for all audiences to experience. Her work focuses on changing the dialogue around beauty standards for women.

After the success of her first book, FEMININE TRANSITIONS, a photography book with portraits of raw feminine beauty, Cunningham produced I AM MORE THAN MY HAIR a book and documentary film. It includes interviews with women who’ve experienced hair loss due to a health-related condition and their journey of self-empowerment to see beauty beyond the media’s standards. With the completion and direction provided through fellowships, labs, and workshops with Stowe, Sundance Institute, and Women of Color Filmmakers, Alyscia wrote and directed the horror and thriller films.

Alyscia is the Founder of Her House Media, a media company that produces documentary and horror films by and about women of color, and the CEO of a Maryland home improvement company, Uprising Builders, LLC.  She is a TEDx speaker, has been recognized as Forbes ‘The Next 1000 (2021), and an award recipient of the American Express 100 for 100 Program. She is also one of the FrontLine Voices for Stop the Beauty Madness, a campaign focused on changing the dynamics of beauty globally. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, Fox 5, ABC 7, and Proud2BMe.


Alyscia founded Brown Women in the Arts, a supportive group for creative BIPOC women working in the arts industry, and co-organized Reel Moms, a supportive community for working moms and caregivers in the film and TV industry, in partnership with Women in Film and Video. Her goal is to continue producing documentary and narrative films and photo books.

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