One can be tempted to think that, although beauty comes in many forms, and although the people, places or objects that exhibit beauty are of diverse sorts, it can only be sensed visually. What is the perception process that underlies the experience of beauty from the perspective of a woman without the sense of sight?

SEEING WITHOUT SIGHT is a documentary film that delves into the lives of girls and women with vision loss, challenging viewers to perceive beauty beyond sight. Through their stories, it aims to redefine societal norms of beauty, inviting a deeper understanding and appreciation. 

Women have more risk factors and thus, higher rates of vision loss than men. In fact, of the 39 million blind people around the world, 64% are girls and women. SEEING WITHOUT SIGHT will not only question our perceptions of beauty, it will also explore the gender gap and the health-related factors that can cause women and girls to experience vision loss at a significantly higher rate than men.

This project is seeking production, post-production, and distribution support.

The most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller

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Portrait of Stephanie, a participant in the project titled, SEEING WITHOUT SIGHT
Portrait of Qudsiya, a participant in the project titled, SEEING WITHOUT SIGHT. Qudsiya is standing in her living room. The leaves of a plant is in the foreground with Qudsiya in the background.
Portrait of Akilah, a participant in the project titled, SEEING WITHOUT SIGHT. Akilah is standing in her apartment lobby, a table and several chairs is in front of her as she looks at her phone, smiling. Photo by Alyscia Cunningham