Feminine Transitions

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“Beauty lies not in a flawless complexion, but in the stories that are told by each transitioning line on a woman’s face.” Alyscia Cunningham

About the Project

Please consider the following visioning exercise:

Reflect on your everyday mindset while looking at your image in a mirror. Do you feel any different about the fundamental worth of your image now as compared to fifteen years ago? If not, consider the fact that, by contrast, for many women in our society, the visible effects of aging bring forth feelings of deep shame and self-doubt. From birth to old age, women transition through a range of physical, psychological, and emotional phases that are recorded on their faces.

FEMININE TRANSITIONS: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty, unmasks women from their makeup to exquisitely demonstrate that, by definition, each phase of the courageous life journey called womanhood—the early AND the late—is, in its own unique way, naturally beautiful.

FEMININE TRANSITIONS is a book featuring a series of poignant and inspiring full-color photographic portraits that reveal the subtle elegance and honest beauty of human female faces ranging in age from 7 weeks to 103 years.

FEMININE TRANSITIONS unmasks women and exquisitely demonstrates that young is beautiful, old is beautiful, and natural is beautiful.

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